Happy Friday our wonderful Magenta families,

We hope you have all had a lovely week and are ready for the weekend ahead.

Today we started our day off with some activities and experiences such as drawing and painting where we finished off some of our garden and spring drawings that have been happening throughout this week.

We have also begun to organise them to be displayed on our walls, look out for them in the coming week to see what amazing artists we are becoming. Displaying children’s artwork encourages conversations between children to reflect and open a dialogue about their work. It also creates an atmosphere of confidence and instils self esteem, we are so proud of each and every Magenta artist.

We also had some morning tea and listened to some morning yoga and some morning tea and listened to some of Tima’s music on her music player, some of the songs we sang along to.

For group time we read the story ‘Waddle Giggle Gaggle!’ by Pamela Allen and ‘Kookaburras love to laugh’, by Laura and Philips Bunting.

For learning centre time:

Play dough fun! Some of us gathered around the table where an educator was making some play dough flowers with leaves, stems and flowers. The educator then encouraged us to roll out our playdough and make a playdough flower. The educator also showed us how to make it and then we all did our best to follow whilst adding our own ideas and thoughts to the design.

The children had lots of fun making a collage with Komal.

Some of our other activities today were building construction, reading, car mat, sensory tables, garden cubby house, home corner and magnets tails.

We hope you all a lovely afternoon and enjoy you weekend 😊


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