Hello, Crimson families. We started the week with great weather. Just a quick reminder to families, please make sure the hat is in your child’s bag. Without a hat, they cannot play safely in the yard or the sandpit.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and sang morning songs together. Then we talked about what we did over the weekend. It was lovely to know that all the children had a great weekend! There were no children raising their hands for the news time today. The topic for this week is ‘Spring season’. All children are welcome to bring something that is associated with spring. Some of the examples are flowers, animals, drawings, pictures, and books etc….

During the learning centre time, children were invited to make pizza for lunch. They spread pizza sauce on the dough and topped it with various vegetables. Of course, they didn’t forget to put plenty of cheese on top. This kind of cooking experience is always a good opportunity to discuss healthy eating. The children were encouraged to answer a variety of questions, such as why vegetables are good for you and what exactly is healthy food. Some of their responses were,

– We need to eat vegetables because they make our body strong.

– Red and green vegetables are really good for our body.

– Too much sugar is not good for us.

–  I need to et dinner before eating dessert at home because dessert is sweet.

These are all great thoughts!!!

After finished making pizza, some children engaged in making a crazy hat!

At lunchtime, we enjoyed the pizza we made. It was so cheesy and yummy!!!!

Have a wonderful afternoon. Stay safe everyone!



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