It’s Monday! We hope you enjoyed your weekend and stayed safe 😊 The children have enjoyed their day being artistic, playing together and learning more about bugs!

We kicked off our week with group time! A favourite time of the day for our little ones, where they like to read books and sing songs together. Today we read ‘The Very Hungry Bear’ and sang songs about frogs and caterpillars!

The children enjoyed stretching their bodies and moving around during our yoga session. We practiced our animal poses and created different shapes with our bodies. Everyone loves the meditation part of our session where we take some time to relax and do our ‘happy baby’ pose!

Today the children had a look in our Animal Encyclopaedia and talked about bugs! We looked at spiders and beetles together before decorating our own beetle whilst using a small world beetle toy for reference.

We have been extending the children’s learning from Book week back in August, where the theme ‘Old World, New World, Other World’ has inspired our learning experiences. This week the children are looking at the theme of ‘New World’! We have interpreted this to mean new technologies and today the children had fun making their own laptops!

What a lovely day! We have had fun playing musical instruments, dancing and cooling off with some water play in the afternoon 😊

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