Good Afternoon Magenta families and welcome to another week with us here in the Magenta room. We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for a fun filled week ahead

Today we had a relaxing start to our day with some morning drawing and craft activities as well as a delicious morning tea filled with laughter and chatting with our friends.
For group time Tima read us the story about the Magpie at the end of the street who loves to sing to her baby eggs in the nest.
Emmeline also brought in a wonderful picture of her bike that she goes riding with mummy and daddy. She is so proud of her bike and was filled with joy as she shared the image with her friends.
Emmeline: This is my bike. I go riding with mummy and daddy. I can ride really fast and I am brave on my bike.
Today for learning centre time we made our own pizzas for lunch. We talked about how it is important to wash our hands before touching food and then we chatted about the ingredients we use. On our pizza’s today we added some zucchini, capsicum, cheese, fresh tomato and some tomato paste. What a delicious lunch we made together. it was so yummy.
Isla: My pizza is going in the oven with tomato and cheese on it

Emmeline: My pizza is so delicious and when it is cooked I can eat it

Elise: I can put everything on my pizza, zucchini and tomato.

Thomas: This is the best pizza I am making.

Levi: I can put vegetables and cheese on mine.

Henry: My pizza has tomato and cheese and a little piece of zucchini. yummy

Georgia: My pizza has lots of the ingredients. The best is the cheese on top

Some of our other activities today were car mat, constructing building site, cubby house, home corner, reading mat area, painting, play dough where we made some kookaburra wings, and puzzles.

What a great day we have had and can’t wait to see you all tomorrow,

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