Hello, Crimson families. It’s a bit chilly today, a change from the summer-like weather we had yesterday. The children stayed warm by being active in the yard and the sandpit.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friend’s news. The topic for this week is ‘Spring season’. All children are welcome to bring something that is associated with spring. Some of the examples are flowers, animals, drawings, pictures, and books etc….

Arya – black feather

“This is a feather my mummy found it. She picked it up in my back yard. I think it’s from pigeon. “Then we discussed ideas on how the birds could be active during the spring season.

Oscar – drawing

“I drew this because my brother Billy made one. It’s a game, snake game. My cousin has it.”We again had a discussion about how animals that hibernate, like snakes, wake up in the spring.

Teos – story

He shared a story about a big house with a trampoline in the garden. There was also a ghost living there. When it was Halloween, people dressed up as a skeleton and visited the house.

During the learning centre time, children worked in two groups.

In the room, children were invited to make stamps by using a special kit! Each of them had a chance to pour various colour inks into containers. They were able to wait patiently for their turns while observing carefully for the progress.

On the deck, another group of children expressed their idea of spring by brewing spring potions. They combined natural materials such as flowers, sticks, leaves, and glitters in the coloured water. They were very happy with the results and observed them up close and through the sunlight.

Have a wonderful afternoon. Stay safe everyone!

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