Happy Tuesday! The children have been busy participating in lots of different activities and learning experiences 😊

Our group times were so much fun this morning, the children were engaged for a long period of time whilst reading books and singing songs together!

Time for yoga! An opportunity to move and stretch our bodies into fun animal poses.

Today the children continued with their ‘Technology’ project by making their own phones! The children know that phones are used to communicate with people, but we also sometimes use them to play their favourite songs for dancing!

The children had lots of fun joining in with a group drawing activity where they decorated a very big caterpillar!

We celebrated the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake festival today by making a beautiful piece of artwork where we turned our footprints into pictures of rabbits worshiping the moon! Everyone enjoyed the tickling sensation on their feet! 😊

In the afternoon, the children had fun dancing together, playing on the slide and free painting with blocks in a boomerang shape. We also have a new doll’s house that kept everyone busy for a while!

Thanks for a lovely day!

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