Good Afternoon Magenta families and welcome to our Tuesday here in the Magenta room.
Today we started our day off with some morning tea of jam and vegemite crackers and chatted about our families and friends. We also had a drawing table with letter shapes where we were finding the starting letter of our name.
Emmeline: My letter is E, it sounds like Emmeline
Alannah: My letter is A for Alannah and Alligator and apple
Georgia: My letter is Georgia, I like my name
Alice: My name is Alice and that is A sound.
We also had some morning yoga outside in the morning sunshine and a little play in the cubby house.
For group time both Alice and Thomas brought in some books for us to read and we practiced our listening skills. We also chatted about how it is kind to listen to one another and show that we are excited about what our friends can tell us.
We also read the story “there’s a hippopotamus on our caravan roof eating cake”. This is a story about a family who go on holiday to the beach. We also used the story in our learning centre activities and made two little ocean worlds and put both mermaids and ocean animals such as whales and dolphins.. etc inside to swim in the waves.

Levi” Look out the whale is jumping in the waves, he is splashing everywhere….

Luis: Here comes the shark he is going to jump in the ocean and splash water everywhere

Some of our other activities today were car mat, balancing beam and obstacle course, cubby house, digger in the sand pit and home corner where we were taking care of the babies feeding them and taking them for little walks around our room.
What a fun day we have had, see you all again tomorrow.

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