Hello, Crimson families. The children had a great time under the bright warm sunshine today.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friend’s news. The topic for this week is ‘Spring season’. All children are welcome to bring something that is associated with spring. Some of the examples are flowers, animals, drawings, pictures, and books etc….

Dominic – story

“My daddy took photo of the moon. He took it at back garden. It was full moon and I also saw stars. It was too many, I couldn’t count them.”We all agreed spring is a good season to observe the night sky as it is not too cold, not too hot.

Belian– lizard Toy

“It is my toy from home. You can actually put it on and make it run. It can run so fast. I think I found it in Kmart. I like it because I like lizards.”His sister Alina helped him explaining more about it. She said, “I think he got it for his birthday when he was two years old.”

After listening to Belian’s news, we had a discussion about hibernating animals.

Teos – story“

A boy went into the rocket ship and going to space. He went up to the sky but not space. he tried again, he was keep trying and he was getting closer and closer to the space.”

Edward A – Book

“This is my book about airplanes. I have just been on the jumbo jet. I went to England because my mummy wanted to go. I went to see my granny and grandpa. They are my mummy’s mummy and daddy.”We went through the pages and talked about the different planes.


During the learning centre time, children engaged in various activities on the deck and the sandpit.

It was all about flowers today. On the art table, children were invited to draw flowers. But they used something a little different to add colour. They put glue on the areas they wanted to colour and sprinkled coloured salt on top of it. The children were amazed when they saw the colours coming out.

On the playdough table, children worked very hard to shape a bunch of flowers with orange and yellow playdough. They put it in a frame, so it looked like a beautiful painting.

A lot of children also painted flowers at the easel painting.

Have a wonderful afternoon. Stay safe everyone!

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