Wednesday is here and the children have had a very busy day once again! A fun day, filled with activities and learning experiences 😊

During group time, the children sat down with their educators to read books and sing together. We always have such a fun time together and we are learning a lot from the meaningful conversations we have!

Let’s move our bodies in our yoga session! The children were excited to join in with Ekta today and show off their moves. Together they stretched their arms up high to be tall trees and flapped their wings like butterflies!

Now Spring has arrived, the children are becoming curious about nature! Today they used their fine motor skills to glue and stick to decorate a tree!

The children participated in a bug experience with toy bugs and sand! They had fun naming the bugs together and had to give them a bath afterwards to clean them up!

This afternoon we made playdough. The children decided that we should make it orange and helped Afroz to add the ingredients and mix them up!

The children have had a lovely day exploring the environment and joining in with a group painting experience!😊

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