Welcome Crimson families, today we had fabulous day starting the day outside in lively outdoor weather. It is so nice to have a little more warmth coming back in the morning. Children were engaged in physical play in the yard with skateboard, soccer ball and toy trolleys.

In the News Time, children brought their pictures, creations, books, or story about the spring season. Edward brought his brother’s book from home about farm animals and their living styles in the farm. Teos told his story about spring along with Euan. Arya brought her picture about spring including rainbow popsicles on it. All children were confident and involved in open ended questioning throughout group time.

Laura, Edward, and Archie were engaged in constructive play using drills to build their craft, robot, and houses. Later Ryan and Oli joined the group and created boats and a car ramp. Oli and Ryan were also engaged in cooperative play with Eve and Charlotte using dragon and toy bus. Charlotte and Eve were using barbie dolls to make their own house inside the toy bus. Elliot lay on the couch and watched them playing with barbie dolls.

Laura, Eve, Charlotte created their own spring book using textures and fresh flowers from the garden. Edward joined the group after he finished playing with construction. Euan, Oli and Leo were creating their castle in the sand pit. They collected all required equipment from the shed and started digging for wet sand.

The other group of children were creating spring flowers and spring colours using marbles inside the book. They chose their own colour and mixed them together to make unique spring colours for their own garden. After learning centre, all children went in the yard to play in the cubby house, monkey bar and blocks constructions. Throughout the morning, children were engaged in cooperative play by making team and completing tasks. All children had wonderful day working together.

Thank You and Have a Nice Weekend Everyone

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