It’s Thursday 😊 The children are enjoying the week of activities and experiences so far! Let’s see what they got up to today!

Group time! The children enjoyed their morning group time with Bernice, where they read Spot books and played with the Spot puppet! The children love to wave hello and give Spot a cuddle. These social interactions are so fun and can teach the children about empathy.

Time for yoga! A chance for the children to move their bodies and participate in daily exercise to promote a healthy lifestyle. Today we practiced being butterflies together!

The children enjoyed a sensory tray experience with dinosaurs! Everyone got stuck in and loved getting messy with foam, sand and other sensory materials. They used their hands to explore the different textures.

We have had a lovely day dancing, playing with playdough and farm animals, role playing with the doll’s house and pretending to be doctors! We enjoyed some water play in the afternoon to cool down 😊

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