Happy Friday! The sun is shining, and the weather is warm! We are encouraging children to wear their hats and put on sunscreen each day! Today the children spent their day outside participating in lots of outdoor activities!

But first, group time! We love to sit down with our Emerald children and listen to their little voices! Robyn introduced the children to a new book all about poo! Everyone was very interested in learning more about where poo goes and what different animal poo looks like! Did you know that wombats poo in cubes!?

Another sensory tray? Of course! Sensory trays are extremely beneficial for fine motor skills and sensory development 😊

Ekta ran the children through an obstacle course in the garden with the tyres and the children threw balls through the hoop that encouraged the children’s gross motor skills

Bubbles! We have a new bubble wand that spins and creates loads of bubbles for the children to pop!

And then we enjoyed an old-fashioned game of grip ball! The children loved using their throwing skills to throw the ball to each other and catch it on the Velcro! They had to use their big muscles to pull it off again too!

In the afternoon, our littlest children enjoyed painting with ice cubes to cool down!

Thanks for a lovely week 😊


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