Today morning we started our day by playing indoor with cars, tracks, and blocks. Oscar, Teos and Max W created their own tracks to run their cars. We made some tunnels with cardboard to connect with car tracks.


During morning group time, we celebrated Belian’s birthday with a birthday song. Children asked about Belian’s weekend and gifts from his family.

In News Time, Teos portrayed a story about a garden and how gardens ended making tunnels during the spring season.


After group time, children chose their own learning activity of their interest. Ryan, Connor and Teos went to the sandpit to build their castle. Oscar and Max W continued with cars, tracks, and blocks. Ava was excited to play with the toy bus for the first time. Arya, Ava, and Laura were engaged with barbie dolls and hospital kits. They created a pretend hospital and treated other children. Arda and Thomas were engaged incorporate play to create their own sand kitchen. Elliot was playing with the sliding door and went to his favourite couch to sit.

On the deck, children were engaged with paintings and drawing activities. They expressed their own ideas of creating spring flowers using textures and coloured salt. Oscar W and Arya also made birthday cards for Belian’s birthday using coloured salt and textures. After finishing the deck, all children went to sand play to express their own ideas.

And then, all children went to the yard before lunch for physical exercises. In the yard, children participated in playing soccer, skateboard, climbing frame, supporting each other’s in the monkey bar and cubby house. Children made their own teams and competed with each other. We organized team play for hide and seek for children to involve in collaborative learning. On the other side, some children were discussing techniques of holding tights hands to climb trees.


Thank you for a fun Monday. We were happy to see all children had a wonderful day today.



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