Good Afternoon Magenta families and hope your day is going well,
What a busy and fun filled day we have had here today.
For group time today we discussed further how we can continue taking care of our Magenta room toys and resources and how we can use our clever ideas to care for our toys and books at home,
Isaac: We can play with them gently and with our soft hands.
Alice: We can share our toys
Nishka: we don’t throw our toys because they will break them
Isla: We can ask the teacher for a turn please and then when we finish we can pass it to our friend if they are sitting and waiting for a turn.
Levi: we can take a turn with our friends and not snatching
Thomas: We can pack away our toys on the shelf
Leo: and also tidy up on the shelf
We also read the stories “ Zaza’s baby brother and Max and Tallulah” and read a story brought in by Henry, we also sang some of our favorite group time songs such as “you are my sunshine” and “high on the mountain”.

For learning centre time we explored our activities such as a seed discovery table with magnifying glasses and different colour seeds to discuss. We talked about the size, shapes and colours of the seeds, and what plants we think will grow from our seed chart we have printed out.
We also had play dough counting and colourful counters shaped in zoo animals to group in same colours for some cognitive thinking extension.
Some of our other activities today were building block area, home corner with a new pink bus/ camper van to explore, drawing and collage table, sand truck mini world, garden reading relaxation area and our cubby house.
We hope you had a relaxing and wonderful day and see you all tomorrow.

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