It’s Tuesday! The children in Emerald room started their day with dancing on their favourite songs such as ‘Red red coat’, ‘Walking’, ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ and of course ‘Baby Shark”. Dance support’s children’s cognitive development. It is a great form of exercise to increase children’s flexibility, range of motion and physical strength.

During group time, teachers took their treasure bags and started their group time. The children showed an interest in singing nursery rhymes and reading books such as ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘Where is the green sheep?’, and ‘Spot goes to the park’. The children remained focused and curious. They displayed age-appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication skills to express their feelings. Through group time, the children had an opportunity to be surrounded by other children and develop their social interaction.

The Emerald group had lot of fun doing yoga positions today. The children demonstrated that their body is very flexible to perform the poses accurately and easily, yet they showed concentration in each pose. Through yoga, the children develop strength, flexibility, and balance. They also learn how to relax by offering breathing and relaxation. Yoga develops children’s balance and concentration and helps them to improve self-confidence, and self-awareness.

After group time, children participated in various fun experiences such as bottle shakers, sensory tray with the bugs and sticking. The also liked the playdough with scissors. Playdough with scissors aids fine motor development in a different way, not to mention hand-eye coordination and general concentration.

The Emerald room is starting the Bird project from this week. They started their project by making a beautiful Australian bird ‘Galah’.

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