Wednesday is here and it’s been a bit rainy! The children tried their best singing ‘Rain, rain, go away’ in an attempt to stop it … but we have had another lovely day despite the weather!

Time for group time! We’ve done a lot of singing today as the children had fun singing one of our transition songs to let everyone know that it was time for group time! We sat down in our groups and read stories too! Sandra read a fantastic book about dinosaurs, and we practiced our Alphabet again!

Our yoga session this morning allowed the children to use up their energy and engage in some exercise! Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle for the children and helps to develop their gross motor skills.

During group time, we have been exploring our ‘Animal Encyclopaedia’ and looking more at the life cycle of a butterfly! Building on this interest, the children were given the opportunity to paint their own butterfly today 😊

During free play, the children enjoyed drawing at the drawing table, building towers with wooden blocks, dancing with their friends and gluing and sticking to decorate a little boat! Thank you for another lovely day 😊

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