Welcome back everyone. We are just over the moon that we have all returned and are feeling well. Thank you to you all for your wonderful support, and the amazing well wishes to Emily regarding all the staff. We missed you all so much and thankful that everyone was safe.

What an amazing day and the rain stayed away. There was so much play, as the children were so eager to explore again.

The sandpit was a big hit, the children scooped and poured sand in the buckets to make amazing Castles or food for each other.

Also the kitchen utensils were a big hit with the children. They enjoyed using the play knifes to cut the food and make morning tea for each other. the children were so engrossed in this area and really enjoyed this area.

The children requested that they see marshmallow, they missed her while we were away and talked to her and said a hello. They gave her some carrots to eat and spoke about the way her food moved in her mouth.

All the staff and children would like to take this opportunity to say a massive happy birthday to Molly and Isla. While we were away they spent their birthdays with their families but we were very lucky to celebrate today with the ladies. They had a wonderful day and the cupcakes where just a little piece of heaven.  Happy Birthday girls we hope you had a wonderful day.

Have a wonderful evening and we will see you all tomorrow.

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