Hello, Crimson families. It is the last day of September! Some of the children returned to Crimson after a two-week quarantine period. We were so delighted to see them back!!!!

During group time, we gathered on the mat and talked about art. We started by talking about what kind of profession an artist is and then talked about the different types of art and methods.

After, we listened to our friend’s news. The topic for this week is ‘Spring season’. All children are welcome to bring something that is associated with spring. Some of the examples are flowers, animals, drawings, pictures, and books etc….

Evelyn – Rocks

“They are rocks my neighbour gave to me. My neighbour does that. They are really cute.”The stones were covered with pictures and messages that make us think positively in this challenging time. Some of the messages were

– Stay safe

– Be kind, be nice

– Focus on the good things

– Have a great day

Teos– Story

Teos shared a story about a person who likes to do gardening.

Elliot – photos

Elliot showed us some photos of flowers and himself outside. The children had fun guessing what he was doing in the picture and where it was. 



During the learning centre time, children worked into two groups.

Group of children who stayed on the deck engaged in various activities. Oli and Arya were on the drawing table and discussing continents and countries. Oli said “My mummy and daddy are from Japan.”, Arya said, “My mummy and daddy are from India.” Then they drew a national flag for each country. On Imri and Ryan enjoyed imaginative play with dolls and dollhouse. They exchanged ideas openly with each other.


In the yard, another group of children had become young artists!! They wore art smocks and held the brush like a professional. They chose what to paint on – paper, stones or a stick – and created colourful art pieces in a variety of colours. When they were drying their creations, they asked each other guessing questions like “Which one do you think is mine?”.


In the afternoon, children enjoyed playing in the sandpit.


Have a wonderful afternoon. Stay safe everyone!


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