Welcome Back again to all Aqua families. Our morning was full of cuddles and smiles as we all have missed each other.

Our early morning started with some cooking. Isidori, Iris and Claire decided to prepare some morning tea for their peers and educators. While, inside, some children helped Carolina in tidying up one of the shelves. Taking opportunity, Molly and Pasha decided to dress up and use the props.

Followed by learning centre, children enjoyed group time sing songs, reading stories and sharing about their time they spent at home.

Alegria “I danced with my Mama”

Claire “I got lots of Mousy bites”

Iris “I watched Peppa Pig”

In learning centre, children participated in cutting, enhancing fine motor skills. Alike cutting, some participated in experience using syringes. This facilitates their hand coordination and enhance muscular strengths.

Outside, some showed off their physical skills by sliding, balancing themselves in walking steps and walk boards.

The day was full of fun and was good to see all of our peers back again.

Hope you all have a good day too. Happy weekend. Stay safe 😊

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