Welcome Crimson Families, it is wonderful day to explore the  outdoor environment from early morning. Children were engaged in sandpit play by building castles and tunnels.

Children were extremely excited for the movie day. From early morning, all children made their tickets of 3$ and 5$. We categorized 3$ for popcorn and 5$ for movie entry tickets. After having morning tea, the children sat on the mat and prepared popcorn in the microwave. Eve and Lexie were in charge of ticket collecting for popcorn whereas Euan and Archa took responsibility for packing popcorn in small paper pouches. Elliot tried popcorn for first time, and he loved it.

Children gave their tickets to ticket collector (Gail) and grabbed their popcorn for the movie. The name of the movie was Turbo. Children chose their seats and pretended it as live movie theatre. All children sat with paper pouches full of popcorn. The movie was based on aminated car race where different people race with each other to get top position.

In the News Time, Lexie brought a Bottlebrush flower from her home. She also explained that her dad climbed tree to get flowers for crimson news time. Similarly, Euan came up in the front with image of growing cat and dog. The image explained about baby cat and dog growing together in spring season.

After the movie and News time, the children were engaged in constructive play by connecting magnets and building blocks. Ava, Laura and Arya were engaged in house play with small toys. Connor, Teos, Ryan, Leo and Max went in the yard to play hide and seek. Arda, Thomas and Viraj went to yard to play in cubby house.

During lunch time, we organized a picnic for the children. They all ate their lunch in the yard by sitting on the mat. While sitting on mat, children were engaged in open ended conversations about the movie and activities of the day.

All children had wonderful Friday watching movie and playing with friends.

Thank You and Have a Wonderful weekend

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