Happy Friday! And Happy October 😊 The children have had a lovely week in the Emerald room playing together and learning lots!

During group time, the children had so much fun reading books together and singing songs. They love to use Ekta’s animal puppets to act our stories and to help them sing songs! We value our little group times as they are a great way to talk to our little ones and hear their voices!

A little bit of yoga to warm up our bodies for the day … The children enjoy practicing their yoga poses as a way to enhance physical development and gross motor skills!

We’ve been chatting a lot about the weather recently! It’s hot, then it’s cold … sunny and then raining! The children love to make comments on what the weather is doing each day. Today the children used shaving foam and paint to decorate umbrellas for the rainy days we have been having!

Then we got to work on our homemade bird feeders! The children painted the milk bottles together and next week we will fill them with food and see what lovely birds come to visit our garden 😊

What a day! The children have enjoyed posting coloured balls through the tube, dancing and dressing up, jumping off the equipment outside and exploring ice in the afternoon to cool down.

Thanks for a lovely week, have a great long weekend 😊

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