Hello, Crimson families. We hope you had a wonderful long weekend! The children also talked to their friends about what they had done over the weekend.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and talked about space as this week is World space week! We learnt about Laika, the first dog that went to space. During the discussion, many children said they want to go to space in a spaceship. Oh, me too! Please take us, educators, with you!!!

After, we listened to our friends’ news. This week’s topic is ‘SPACE”. All children are welcome to bring in space-related items and tell space-related stories.

Teos – Story

“Once upon a time, there was a man. He went into a spaceship with his dog. They both went to space and looked for a new star.”

Euan – Story

“Once upon a time, there were a man and monkey. They went into space ship from Russia to space. When they went to the moon, they found a dog. And the spaceship broke down. They found another spaceship, that was from Japan, and went back to earth.

Evelyn – Sticker

Evelyn shared some stickers with us. She said “This is a fairy sticker. This is a spring sticker. I brought it from home because I can share it with my friends.”


During the learning centre time, children worked into two groups.

A group of children who stayed on the deck had a great discussion about magnifying glasses. They exchanged their idea about how we can use them and what can we do with them. Children came up with great ideas to make telescopes with them. They commented that telescopes allow us to observe distant stars in great detail. That’s right! You might even find some undiscovered stars! After discussion, they were invited to make a rocket ship by cutting and pasting papers.


In the room, another group of children also engaged in various space-related activities. At the art table, the children coloured cotton pads to make earth with blue and green watercolours. They looked at the picture book and carefully applied the colours. In the construction area, Jack and Oscar worked together to build a super tall tower for a spaceship. Jack said “Look, it’s even taller than me! This is the tallest skyscraper I’ve ever built!”


In the afternoon, Ms Cheryl came. Children who signed up enjoyed dancing with her.

Have a wonderful afternoon. Stay safe everyone!

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