Welcome Crimson Families, it is a beautiful day to play. In the early morning, we discussed space and what can be found in space. Children were interacting with each other about space, astronauts, and rockets.

During News, Time Teos came in the front to explain his story about astronauts in space. He described how an astronaut went to space and came back to his family. Similarly, Thomas brought an amazing book about Space. He explained about Solar System and the different planets within it. We participated in open-ended conversations about facts of different planets. Arda, Thomas and Teos expressed their knowledge about the solar system and were involved in the conversation.

In learning centre time, Oscar made a rocket, colour it and cut it into shape. Jeffrey and Edward joined with him making rockets of their own. In the outdoor area, Arda, Max and Teos made planets of the solar system using Thomas’s book. They looked at the visual sand draw them on their paper. While drawing planets, we discussed space, comets, asteroids, and stars.

Archie, Dominic, and Edward A were engaged in Lego play and car construction. They created their own designs of cars and buildings. On the deck area, Imri, Arda, Viraj participated in the constructive play of making rockets with astronauts. They created their o-win rockets using magnet blocks and pretended astronauts were flying them. The learning centre was followed by sandpit play of making castle and mountain.

After learning the centre, we all went to the yard to play in the cubby house, monkey bars and climbing frame. Children chose their team to play with each other in games like soccer and trolley. They were engaged physically to develop fine and gross motor skills. All children had a wonderful day involving different physical, cognitive, and emotional development skills.

We hope you have a wonderful afternoon. See you tomorrow.



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