Wednesday is here and the lovely weather continues! As the children enjoy the weather outside, please remember to provide hats that are clearly labelled and spare clothes for water play!

This morning, the children enjoyed their group times with their educators. Everyone wanted to sit with Cindy for group time and sing songs together and play with her toys! The children loved to read books and play games with Ekta and Sandra.

Time for yoga! The children enjoy joining in each day to move their bodies and stretch. Our favourite poses are dolphin, frog and butterfly! Yoga helps to encourage gross motor development, balance and coordination!

The children continue with their weather project. Today they talked about what type of shoes we might wear in the rain and then used yellow paint to paint their interpretation of yellow gumboots!

We stamped circles that we will stick together later to create a really long caterpillar! The children are learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar through reading books, art activities and singings songs!

We cooled off in the afternoon with some water play! The children explored the soapy water that we used to try and make bubbles with our bubble spinner! Then we used to bubbles to make bubble beards! 😊

The children have had a fantastic day today creating a big group painting on the wall! They painted blue for the ocean and it looks great!

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