Good afternoon Magenta families and hope your week is travelling along nice and calmly.

Today we have had such a great day exploring our way through all of our activities and experiences.
To start the day off we had some delicious vegemite and cheese toast and fresh fruit. Which prompted a conversation about all the fresh fruit and veggies that are growing now its spring time.
We also had a morning drawing table where we were drawing some shadows that were being cast across the table from the morning sun.
Isaac: Look the pencil tin is making a shadow,
Henry: they are very big and long shadows
Charles: I’m going to draw the shadow on my paper, look it is all over the place.
For group time we continued on with our favorite stories and group time songs. We are getting so clever at remembering the words to our new songs. Today we leant the song about Peggy the black chicken who travels far and wide.
We also read our story about the mixing of colours and how we can too become scientists and mix and experiment with colours.

For our learning centre activities we had our milk colour experiment and watched as we mixed our three colours, red, blue and green together to make colours and we also extended our seed planting and used some little seed pots we were given and we will be watching how these different seeds grow over the next few weeks. We also had easel painting and drawing. We also had some spring playdough and car mats where we built a little village for everyone to start playing in.
Some of our other activities today were train construction table where we have been making a little train track for our animals to ride on, building block corner where we have been building a weather station to watch the clouds in the sky form, a cubby house for shelter if it starts to rain, a home corner cafe where we cook some delicious treats for our friends and a mini lego building site.
What a great Wednesday and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

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