Today was a beautiful sunny day and the children spent a lot of time playing with some water play. They enjoy this experience and spent a lot of the day playing with spoons to make soup and syringes to practice our fine motor control.

In the morning the children joined Katherine on the mats to complete some yoga. They easily make the yoga poses and are always so happy to join this activity.

With Liza the children continue to learn about different birds for spring time, after they explored the different birds they were invited to make a bird and get creative.

A group of the children enjoyed making spring pictures, they had the opportunity to glue some spring pictures using a body and different spring clothes.

Group times were lots of fun, the children joined Carolina to do their alphabet, while Katherine sang some songs and spoke about the importance of wearing sun cream and a hat with the potato man.

Elizabeth enjoyed cutting the dough, displaying good scissors control.

Claire showed off her super confidence and held her own group time.

We would like to take this opportunity and welcome our new friend Chloe, she joined us today and was really happy exploring all areas in the room, she especially enjoyed the sandpit and then loved Katherines group time with the frogs.

What a fun filled day, we hope you have a nice evening.

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