Hello, Crimson families. It is such beautiful weather today! Some of the children took off their jackets, put on their hats, and applied sunscreen and had a great time in the yard while others stayed on the deck to engage in self-directed play. Eddie and Jeffrey became doctors and were helping a sick baby.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and welcomed Nicky and Jack back! Everyone was so happy to see them back!!! Then, we talked about space as this week is World space week! We watched a short video clip to learn more about the solar system and the different planets that belong to it.

After, we listened to our friends’ news. This week’s topic is ‘SPACE”. All children are welcome to bring in space-related items and tell space-related stories.

Evelyn shared her book ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little star’ by Kate Toms. She turned the page and explained about them. Alexia also brought books. She showed us ‘Stars and Planets’ and ‘peep inside Space’. She showed me how to flip through each page. Dominic too brought a book with him. His book was ‘find out Earth’. It was a book about the earth and the children were very interested in it. Edward’s book was ‘The solar system’. It was also a lift-the-flap book so everyone enjoyed having a turn of flapping.

During the learning centre time, each of the three learning groups spent time in a different area.

The Possum group stayed in the room. This week, they are focusing on learning about Earth. Children listen to the book ‘Earth! My first 4.54 Billion years’ and gained knowledge of the major events that have taken place since the birth of the earth. Of course, their favourite pages were the ones about dinosaurs! After, they used blue and green watercolour paint to create the earth.


The children of the platypus group were on the deck. They used their previous knowledge to draw a picture of the steps in the life cycle of flowers, frogs, bees, and fruits. On the other side of the table, other children used glitter and pens to create space pictures. While drawing, they talked about each planet in our solar system.


Kookaburras spend their time in the yard. They used scissors, glue and wrapping paper to create collage art. Children worked very hard to cut star shapes which made it a very good exercise for fine motor skills. They also made rockets with paper. They blew air into it and cheered with delight when the rocket was launched.

Have a wonderful afternoon. Stay safe everyone!

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