It’s Thursday! We are nearly at the end of our short week but we have been very busy 😊 The children have joined in with lots of different activities and learnt about the weather, birds and butterflies!

Let’s start with group time! In the morning, the children separated into their group times with their educators to read books, sing songs and play games! Today was a musical day and the children wanted to sing lots of songs together. We really enjoy ‘Open, Shut Them’, ‘Brown Bear’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ at the moment.

During yoga, the children stretched their bodies up high and warmed up their muscles by jumping and practicing different animal poses to work on balance! We love yoga and encourage these gross motor movements!

The children love to play with water! Today they made it rain on the ducks in the pond by using a container with holes in the bottom. They loved scooping the water and watching it drain through onto the ducks. They sang songs about rain as they did this 😊

Today we continued learning about the life cycle of a butterfly! We are at the cocoon stage and the children had fun reading our Encyclopaedia and gluing and sticking to make a big cocoon for our display.

We have also been learning more about birds! The children joined in with a messy art project where they helped Ekta to papier-mâché a balloon to make a nest.

What a lovely and warm day! We have explored water and sand today as well 😊

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