Welcome Crimson families, it is Friday which means end of World Space Week, but all children were super excited for next week ‘World Superhero Week.’ In early morning children discussed about space crafts and scientists who explore space and their facts. Children were engaged in different books about space, solar system, planets, comets, and stars.

In News time Dominic and Edward came up with their books about space, planets, and stars. They both explained how planets revolves around sun and their facts. Jack brought his toy rocket and showed everybody how astronauts fly their rockets. Teos brought his rocket and explained everybody about going into space and astronauts exploring space. During News time all children contributed to open ended discussion about space. Children also expressed their imaginative thinking, ideas, and thoughts about space.

During learning centre, Edward A, Oli, Teos, Arya, Dominic, Archie, and Euan designed their own rocket to fly in space. They imagined about real rocket then cut different coloured paper into pieces to connect various parts of rocket using glue stick. They also imagined the front and back of the rocket making pointy on the front and thick on the bottom. In outdoor area, Max, Ava, Eve and Lexi were engaged in creating their own solar system with planets. They looked at the visual in the book ‘Space’ and then use their cognitive thinking skills to draw on paper.

Charlotte, Eve and Lexie were also engaged in literacy and numeracy skills development. They were separating numbers and shapes using popsicles. Arda, Max W, Viraj were engaged in constructive play with magnets and Lego building. Arda, Viraj and Thomas created their own building using Legos to create a shop.

The learning centre was followed by sandpit and yard play. In sandpit children use their skills to build a house using plastic blocks. They created their own secure place using tyres and plastic blocks. After sandpit play, children went to yard for physical activities such as climbing frame, cubby house and monkey bar. They organized their own team for cooperative play and engaged in feeding food for chicken and guinea pig for weekend.

Thank You and Have a Nice Weekend

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