Welcome back, happy Monday to everyone. Today was a rainy day so the children spent their day exploring inside. We still had lots of fun the rain did not stop us.

Isabel started the day off exploring under the sea. She looked at all the different sea creatures we find in the ocean. We spoke together about what else can be found and Isabel said seashells. We listened with our ear to the shell to see could we hear the ocean. We also spoke about how important it is to take our rubbish home from the beach, so it doesn’t end up in the water.

Inside May and Sophia E enjoyed patting the dolls. It is one of their favourite activities in Aqua to play. They are such good Mummies and love caring for their dolls.

Group times came and the children listened to stories and sang songs with Komalpreet and a new teacher called Ximena who the children have been getting to know today. We would like to welcome her to BBC.

After group time a small group joined Donna to make dough. Chloe was super excited to join in and loved helped by measuring the ingredients with Donna and her peers, she added the flour for us and mixed with the big spoon. Well done Chloe.

Another group enjoyed sticking their girls down and dressing them for the rainy day today and with spring clothes.  They display great hand coordination while completing this task.

Inside the children were playing a game with Trish, where they had to find the bean bags and place them on their head and try balance them there. This is quite a challenge for smaller children but they worked really hard displaying gross motor skills while trying to keep them on their head.

Noah loved the dino world and sat for at least 20 minutes showing his concentration skills.

We also had some creative art experience for the children to explore. They used their hands to make prints on the paper.

What a fun rainy Monday. We hope all the Mums and Dads had a lovely day too.

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