Happy Friday dear Aqua family. Can’t stop being excited for next week of freedom from lockdown so that we all can enjoy freely outdoors.

Firstly, welcome back dear Amelia after a long break. 😊

We started our day with some styling as Cassidy and Chelsea styled themselves with fancy props.

Outside, Remi and Alison along with their peers stretched their body with some yoga whereas Isabel started her day with some cooking. Pasha showed off his strong muscles by climbing the tree.

Our group time was exciting as children listened to ‘Dumbo’ story with Komalpreet, learnt some Spanish with Carolina and some listened to ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ with Andrea. The group time allows children to enhance their listening skills and concentration.

Children were super busy in the learning centre. Isabel, Nicholas, Cassidy and Isidori spent their time with playdough facilitating their fine motor skills.

Some children participated in washing babies promoting health and wellbeing.

Rockstar Noah made up his drum set and played some Michael Jackson songs. Whilst Chloe was busy putting baby to sleep and Claire with helping Liza with table set up.

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