Hello, Crimson families. Oh no. It’s raining! But the rain couldn’t stop the children from having a fun time!!!

During group time, we gathered on the mat and welcomed Lily back! We were so happy to see her back!!! And also, we welcomed Leo from Magenta. Welcome to Crimson Leo!!! Afterwards, we listened to our friends’ news. The topic for this week is ‘Superheroes’ in honour of World Superhero Week. All the children are welcome to dress up as their favourite superheroes and bring books or images.

Archie – dress up

“I’m a captain! We need to build a police station and boat. I’m going to go to the shops and buy the things for the boat.“

Oscar – dress up

“I dressed up as a batman. I like Batman because he is cool!”

Ryan – dress up

“I’m wearing a fire engine jumper. “We all agreed that superheroes exist not only in the movies but also in everyday life! Since superheroes help people, firefighters and policemen can also be called superheroes too!!  


During the learning centre time, children were divided into two groups.

Inside the room, there were some superheroes and firefighters. They created puppets with felt and made fire trucks using mobilo. They also build a fire station with big blocks. Each of them took various roles and actively exchanging their ideas to create the imaginative play.


The group that spent time on the deck continued to explore space. Today, children listened to the book ‘Moon. Earth’s best friend!’. Children learned why the moon is called earth’s best friend and what’s on the moon (including American flags, golf balls and nail clippers left behind by astronauts!). After, children were invited to paint the moon using silver paint and a ball of aluminium foil.


Elliot had a fun sensory play with Katherine. He enjoyed the texture of the oat and water mixture, as he sipping and holding it.

Have a wonderful afternoon. Stay safe everyone!

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