Hello! Happy Monday and happy ‘Freedom Day’ 😊 We are all very excited to see the restrictions eased! Today was a rainy day, but we didn’t let that stop us from having a great start to our week.

We would like to welcome back Jasmine! She has been away for a long time and the children have missed her very much! We are excited to have her back and the children loved to join in with her special group times! 😊

Let’s warm up our bodies with a yoga session on this chilly day! The children were very helpful when setting up and packing away the mats. They followed along with their yoga poses and exercised their gross motor skills!

How can we keep dry from the rain? Umbrellas! The children were excited to used their fine motor skills to decorate an umbrella today! They used lots of coloured pens and sang ‘Rain, rain, go away’ as they coloured!

Everyone has enjoyed the construction table today! We love using blocks to build tall towers, houses and cars too! This is a great way for children to develop early scientific knowledge such as balance, space and stability!

We did a lot of fine motor activities today! The children can sit engaged for long periods of time when posting pompoms into small containers or twisting yogurt lids!

Thanks for a great day 😊

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