Tuesday is here! It looks as though the rain is here to stay this week, but we’ve got lots of fun activities for the children to do 😊

During group time, the children sat down with their educators to read books, sing songs and talk about the weather! We talked about what shoes we might wear in the rain and the children showed off their stomping feet in their gumboots as they jumped in the puddles!

Time for yoga! We had fun practicing our animal poses and following along to the music. Today the children enjoyed being butterflies the most as they flapped their wings and jumped around!

Today we began our Halloween craft! The children had fun painting a ghost with white paint. Over the next week or so leading up to Halloween, the children will be able to participate in different arts and crafts, sensory play and read Halloween books to learn more about the holiday and celebrate!

We decorated butterfly wings with coloured pens and then wore them on our backs! It was so fun to dress up with our hand-made wings and fly around like a butterfly!

The children enjoyed playing with play dough today! They played with cookie cutters and an ice-cream shop where they rolled scoops of playdough to put into their ice-cream cones! Yummy 😊

We’ve had a lovely day dancing, playing with balloons, bubbles and decorating more umbrellas!

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