Welcome to another rainy day of the week, today, Aqua children kept themselves warm and busy with indoor activities.

Our morning began with quiet activities where children used their problem-solving skills to solve the puzzles and with some stretched with Yoga.

Claire, Quinn, May and Sophia got busy in keeping their babies warm and asleep.

Learning centre was all about weather, songs and exciting stories told by Carolina. The children demonstrated their listening skills really well and listened to her.

Learning centre was full of experiences and Rory, Theo and Thomas exhibited their turn taking skills with assistance of educators for fishing.

Nicholas and Henry spent their time with cars and trains.

In the Home corner our chefs, Noah and Jack were busy cooking whilst Remi and Isla were busy waiting for their lunch.

Children love painting, and most of them explored the patterns of the stamp by doing stamp painting whereas some enjoyed cutting facilitating their fine motor skills.

The day was full of fun and busy with our energetic Aqua children.

Have a lovely evening. 😊

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