Happy Wednesday! The children enjoyed another rainy day in the Emerald room! We spent our time participating in arts and crafts, yoga and reading books 😊

The children had so much fun during group time with their educators! Cindy and Jasmine played lots of games with the children, whilst Ekta and Robyn read their favourite books! We read so many! Every time we stopped, the children asked for “more”!

Let’s warm our bodies up on another chilly day! Today during yoga, the children loved showing off their cat and dog poses and meowing or barking at each other!

Today the children put on their hard-hats to build things with our new tool kit! The children explored the different tools and played together whilst fixing lots of broken things!

We continued with our Halloween ghosts, dug in the sand pit, blew bubbles and flew around the yard pretending to be beautiful butterflies! 😊 Thanks for a lovely day!

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