Good Monday morning everyone and hope you had a lovely weekend.
This morning the rain was a lovely topic of discussion and we spent some time listening and watching the rain fall on the play yard and windows. Once the raining stopped we got to enjoy a bit of sunshine, and were very intrigued by the rain drops and the plants in our garden. We did some balancing with Tima before the rain arrived again.

today we had group time later in the day as the children were busy relaxing reading their own stories whilst listening to the rain.

This morning some of the children were enjoying pretend play that will help to develop their social, emotional and cognitive development.

The children used their construction skills to help others in the building block area and initiate and extend their social skills. Its so wonderful to see all our friends asking to play and sharing our magenta resources and toys so kindly.
We also enjoyed play dough as we used Popsicle sticks and other tools to add to our creations!

What a fun relaxing Monday we had, see you all throughout the week.

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