Yippee!! What a beautiful day today. The children were super excited to get outside and explore in the garden.  They were climbing the trees and running around laughing with each other. We built house with the large blocks, played in the trolley using our feet to push ourselves around.

Isabel and Henry stopped to have a chat with each other about Henry’s cool t-shirt. Nicholas dug a big hole in the sand and while Pasha helped him.

Inside Donna sat with a small group. We arranged the Dinosaurs in order from small to big and then Donna explained to the children about opposites, big and small.

Group time came and the children went into 3 groups. Katherine’s group did some counting, ‘’How many ducks have we got?’’ she asked and the children displayed good counting skills as they helped her count to 5.

Komalpreet’s group sang the ‘’incy wincy spider’’ song as we have started to talk about Halloween celebrations.

After group the children moved to activities.

They loved scooping into the pumpkin bottles using their fine motor skills and hands.

We have added new puzzles for the children to explore, although only 4 pieces it was a challenge for our little ones to put the animals together correctly. Puzzles are great for their cognitive development.

The children also are polishing their fine motor and hand and eye through cutting and gluing activities. They really enjoy all these types of activities and are always eager to join in.

Later in the day when our little friends were sleeping, the children had the opportunity to melt the ice blocks using the syringe.

What a fun filled day we had. We hope you had a nice evening.

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