Happy Friday everyone.

Our morning was full of smiles and cuddles. The children depicted their good social skills by sharing stories and toys together.

Some children actively participated in stretching their body facilitating their gross motor skills and some enjoyed the pretend play at home corner.

The children enjoyed ´Jungle King´ story with Komalpreet, songs and stories with Ximena and Carolina. We did discuss about importance of putting on hats for outdoor play and inside hat pockets when we are not putting on us.

The children were busy in learning centre exploring sensory play with dinosaurs.

Some children participated in making skeletons by gluing and sticking and others enjoyed pouring and scooping Halloween bottles.

Outside was full of high energy engaging themselves into physical activities.

We all had a fun day, hope you all had a good afternoon too.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Happy Birthday to Isabel! We loved sharing your special day with you!

Please don´t forget Halloween is coming near and lets prepare for dressing up for the day.

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