Welcome Crimson families, the weather has been changing between sunny, rainy and cloudy throughout the day. The children were excited to end superhero week and welcome Halloween from next week. During morning group time, we discussed about superhero knowledge and Halloween decoration in different areas of crimson room.


In News Time, the children brought their favourite superhero toys. Lilly, Jack A, Eve, Lexi, Max W, Teos and Edward A came in the front with their stories, pictures, toys and dress up for superhero.


All the children got the chance to be involved in open ended conversations with each other.

All children explained about their news to each other and also answer open ended questions. The News Time was followed by interesting ideas to do weekend and Halloween ideas.


After news time, the platypus group were engaged in making a haunted house on the deck. The children used their creativity of creating haunted house with spiders, monsters and dragons. The Kookaburra and possum groups were engaged in constructive play of making car tracks with mobilos and magnets. The children organised team play to create superhero cars, planes and tracks.


Constructive play was continued on the deck with magnets and Legos. We used superheroes to create their own building and drove them different cars.


The learning centre was followed by sandpit and yard play. The children found the perfect wet sand to create their own castles using shovel, spades and buckets. After sandpit play, children were engaged in yard play for their fine and gross motor development. Euan, Teos, Ryan and Max W were learning about body balance by suing hands and feet. The yard play also involved cubby house, climbing frame, feeding chicken and guinea pig for weekend. All children had great day engaging in differently learning activities.


Thank You and Have a Nice Weekend.

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