Friday is here and the children have been busy exploring the environments, playing with spiders and painting today 😊

We kicked off our day with group time! The children loved sitting down with Jasmine to sing songs and play with her special toys – It’s been so lovely to have her back this week!

The children have been really enjoying Robyn’s book about diggers and another book about poo … it’s very educational we promise! The children have become so familiar with the digger book that they can finish the sentences!

We had a fun yoga session this morning and exercised our gross motor skills together…

We really enjoy the Halloween season! There are so many fun arts and crafts and other sensory experiences for the children to participate in that we wanted to start early! Today the children painted spooky bats and explored toy spiders in slime with their hands.

Thank you for a lovely week! Enjoy the weekend 😊

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