What a beautiful sunny Monday we had today. After applying our sun cream and putting hats on, the children went outside to explore.

Today, the children enjoyed some reading in the garden. Sitting and sharing the books the children enjoyed telling stories to each other. Sharing and reading stories together will help the children develop new sounds and words. It also helps us to understand the value of books.

The children also enjoyed minding the dolls in the garden area. Using our bed from inside the children wrapped them and put them to sleep by patting their bums just like we do for them when they are going asleep. Isidori really enjoyed this experience and was a great Mum to her baby.

In group time today the children talked about Halloween, what they would dress as and then sang some new Halloween songs with the teachers.

After group time the children joined the teachers to make many Halloween art. They made Ghosts and witch’s hats.

The children also had the opportunity to use fine motor control to scoop the rice and put them into the ghost bottles.

With Katherine, the children joined her to find the shapes by using their cognitive skills . They hooked the shape onto the fish rod and placed it in the matching shape in the box.

They were super excited to play with this activity and there was a big que to explore it.

What a fun and sunny Monday we had. We hope you enjoyed your day. Please make sure that your child is provided with a hat and water bottle as the days get hotter.

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