Good afternoon Magenta families and hope your weekend was full of fun and laughter.

Today we have had a great start to our week with spooky Halloween activities.
To start off our group time we read the story “Who will visit my house on Halloween” and chatted about all the costumes we could wear for Halloween. We also sung some new songs we are learning for Halloween called ” The friendly Witch and “My pumpkin is alive” .
For our activities today we made some spooky mummies wrapped in bandages and sore tummies from eating too many trick or treat sweets and some Halloween spooky bubble prints from the magic witched potion caldron.
Some of our other activities today were spooky playdough where we followed our spooky recipe and added some spooky critters, large building blocks where we were building a witched castle to keep all her pumpkins inside, home corner castle getting ready for our Halloween celebrations and fine motor puzzles.
What a great way to start the week and see you all tomorrow

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