No rain today yippee! The children played in the garden area, running, skipping, jumping and climbing the trees.

Noah enjoyed some time climbing to the top of the slide and sliding all the way back to the bottom.

Before the morning got underway, the children sat with Rosanna and made some orange playdough to explore for Halloween. Ethan and Nicholas said ‘’it is pumpkin’’.

They also made some white dough and said it was their ghost. Alice really enjoyed this one and said ‘’it’s soft’’.

The sandpit is always a hit with the children Alegria enjoyed filling the different size buckets, she said ‘’I am making cake’’.

Elizabeth and Matilda made a chair with their sand and said it was seat as they sat down.

Inside Theodore was exploring the dinosaurs, he loves this area and is often found here.

Poppy showed use her coordination skills as she threaded the picture board.

We have been exploring lots about Halloween as it is fast approaching, we used our hands to move the Ice around and get the spiders out that were inside. We also hunted for the spiders in the brown water bowls.

With Carolina, we made some spiders with our hands and were very creative.

There was super excitement at Donna’s group as the children joined her to talk about the witch and her potion. We used vinegar and baking soda and put them together and watched as they reacted together and formed bubbles. ‘’Witches Potion’’ the children shouting as the red mixture went over the top. After Donna showed them what we were doing the children had a turn. They really enjoyed this activity.

What a fun filled Hump Day, we hope your day was good also.

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