Hello, Crimson families. It was so sunny and beautiful weather in the morning. The children were delighted to spend time in the yard and were very active.

During group time, we gathered on the mat listened to our friends’ news. The topic for this week and next week is ‘Halloween’. All children are welcome to bring books, photos, costumes, or share stories.

Lily –costume.

“I am a witch. I didn’t bring my bloom today. I need to find it at home. I like this costume because I like the colour of this costume. “

Evelyn – drawing

“I drew withes, their hats and their dresses. I chose red and green because withes look nice. I also chose purple colour to make them look nicer.”


Eddie and Imri both shared their special books with us.

Eddie – books“I brought those books from home. I like this page because this picture looks nice.”

Imri – books“This is books from shop. I like this book so much. Books are ‘The very noisy bear’ and ‘I love you, daddy.’”


Children spent their learning centre time in two groups.

In the room, a group of children made witches face by painting, cutting and pasting paper. They enjoyed painting the paper plates in green, black or a mixture of these colours. Some children also drew the eyes and other parts of the face. When they added the witch’s pointy hat and frizzy hair, a scary witch’s face was created!!


On the deck, another group of children continued to explore space as their interest sustained after world space week. This week, they are learning about the Sun. Children first listened to the book ‘Sun. One in billion’. In the book, it was shown that the sun is actually a star and that it is a lot bigger than the earth! When asked about why the sun is so important to us, they could answer, for “light”, “power” and “heat”. After, children were invited to create the sun by dropping coloured water onto the paper towels.

In the afternoon, Lily, Julia and Jeffrey set up a theatre for everyone. The children stood in front of the audience and sang songs and danced to entertain them.

At afternoon tea, we celebrated Alexia’s birthday. Because she requested, we sang the happy birthday song twice!! Happy birthday Alexia! Thank you for the cupcakes!


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.

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