Hello Wednesday! It’s the middle of the week and we are having a blast learning all about Halloween! We’d love to see your spooky costumes next week! We will be celebrating next Friday (29th), but if your child doesn’t come that day, please feel free to dress up any other day! 😊

Group time this morning was so much fun! The children spent time with Jasmine singing songs and washing her big teddy bear! They loved to sing ‘5 Little Ducks’ with Cindy and play with her duck bubbles and we continued to read ‘Meg and Mog’ and learn all about a witch’s day!

The children were excited for yoga today! They helped to collect the mats and did a great job at packing away too. We had fun stretching and flying like a butterfly together before a little bit of meditation in ‘happy baby’ pose.

Spiders are a big part of Halloween and we’ve learnt a lot about them during our Spring and Bug projects! Today the children used toilet rolls to stamp shapes onto their paper, they look a bit like spiders with their many legs!

We had fun using our fine motor skills to paint and decorate a scary ghoul! The children enjoyed painting the shape with black paint.

The children have spent their day building towers, digging in the sand pit and dancing their little socks off. What a day! 😊

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