Good afternoon Magenta Families and hope your week is going well so far.
What a great Wednesday we are having. We have had so many wonderful activities and experiences today.
We started the day off with some yoga and body movement dancing to get our muscles and bodies stretched and ready for the day ahead.
For the morning we had both inside and outside self select activities and some of the activities were group puzzles fostering sharing and turn taking and opening a discussion on group work, whiteboard drawing in pairs to allow for sharing a small space and outside we had large jumping hops and drawing.

For group time we continued on with some of our spooky stories. Some of these were ” trick or treat” ” Where the wild things are” and ‘Spooky Night”.

For learning centre time we had bubble pumpkins where we used the colourd bubbles to make patterns on the pumpkins, black and white spooky creatures with glitter magic and we continued on with our night time bats with colourful wings so they can see in the night time.

Nishka: My pumpkin is all the Halloween colours, purple, orange and green. they are spooky Halloween colours.

Levi: My pumpkin is going to be the scariest with all the bubbles covering everywhere

Henry: My bat is flying high in the nights for Halloween trick and treat

Charlie: My bat is very cheeky because he has so many Halloween colours to see in the dark.

Isla: My creature is going to dress up as a ghost for Halloween but he’s not scary today , only for Halloween dress up and that’s ok because its just pretending.

Olivia: My spooky creature is so friendly with all the glitter on. it’s a magic creature that has come to play for Halloween.

Elaria: My pumpkin is special because it is a Halloween pumpkin. the pumpkin is usually just orange but at Halloween pumpkins can have a smiley face and lots of spooky colours on them.

Luca also spent the morning with our spooky spider explaining to us all that the spider had 8 legs and this is why trick o treating is easy for him because he can run very fast and is wearing his costume. Some of our other activities today were home corner that is currently a witches home where making potions and spooky drinks is very popular, block corner with large building blocks, drawing table with Halloween collage, outside playhouse which is turned into our trick o treating house and spooky playdough.

What a great Wednesday we have had and see you all tomorrow for another fun filled day.



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