Good Afternoon Magenta families and what a great day we have had here today. To start the day off we welcomed Isabelle for her birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Isabelle. We are so happy to be spending the day with you on your big 4th Birthday. To start the day off we had some outdoor games and activities while the cool air was still around before the mid day sun arrived. For group time we continued on with our spooky Halloween story books and practiced our spooky Halloween songs for our Halloween party that is fast approaching.

For learning centre time we continued with our Halloween activities to decorate our room. So far we have spooky night time bats, glittery creatures and magic bubble pumpkins. We have displayed them on the wall for everyone to see. It’s so wonderful to see the pride the children have as they point our their artwork throughout the day on the wall and beam with joy as they discuss the differences in each others creations.

We also have been practicing our pre-writing skills and discussing how to hold the pencil with our fingers and how we can make controlled marks on the page.

Some of our other activities today were sandpit trucks and diggers, large floor puzzles and table puzzles, large building blocks, mini lego,  babushka dolls, spooky playdough with pumpkin basket and paddle-pop sticks, drawing and reading corners and home corner that has turned into  a witches’ castle.

For the afternoon Isabelle’s birthday continued with a celebration of birthday cupcakes and she brought in for us a pass the parcel game for us all to join in. The children sat in a circle and listened to the music and when it stopped they unwrapped their parcel and a little gift was waiting inside form Isabella and her family, What a lovely surprise for us all, Thank you so much Isabelle, Happy Birthday and we hope you had a lovely day celebrating with all your friends.

What a great day and we can’t wait to see you all again tomorrow,


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