Friday is here, the sun in shining and the children have ended their week with another lovely day 😊

We have participated in many group times throughout the day and have loved sharing this time with our educators. They children have been talking about Halloween, reading Halloween books and pointing out our spooky displays with spiders, pumpkins and bats!

Yoga was fun and relaxing this morning. The children practiced their animal poses and engaged their gross motor skills during our session. We ended with meditation in ‘happy baby’ pose and listened to calming music.

Today the children enjoyed other gross motor activities like reaching up high to post the coloured balls through the tube. Together they talked about the different colours they could see and counted as they added them to the tubes.

We played a spooky game of skittles today with toilet rolls that had spooky, Halloween faces on them! The children rolled the ball at the skittles to knock them over! We had so much fun setting them up to knock them down again 😊

Have a lovely weekend!

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