We are having Halloween dress-up day on Friday 29th October!!!!!!!!


Hello, Crimson families. The last week of October has come. The days go by so quickly!

During group time, we gathered on the mat and welcomed Isabelle! We were very happy to see her after such a long time. Welcome back, Isabelle!

After, we listened to our friends’ news. The topic for this week is ‘Halloween’. All children are welcome to bring books, photos, costumes, or share stories.

Teos and Leo shared creepy stories with us and Oscar W showed us a small plush dog. He said dog can not do anything that’s why it is scary.



There was full of Halloween spirit during the Learning Centre time. Inside the room, children were busy making spiders for Halloween decorations. They used their fine motor skills to cut black paper to shape the spider’s body and legs. Then, they glued 6legs on each spider.

On the deck, another group of children also created spiders. The difference was that they used pipe cleaners instead of paper. They bent, rolled and cut black pipe cleaners into the shape of a spider and finally stuck eyes on it. We are planning to stick spiders on the spider web that we also made. At the other table, some of the children were busy brewing witches potions. They mixed magic powder (baking soda) and magic water (vinegar) that Shoko got from her witch teacher and have succeeded in creating a colourful potion!


In the afternoon, we celebrated Ava’s birthday. Happy birthday Ava! Thank you for the cupcakes and pass the parcel game.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.

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